Lidl to set up new distribution center for UK online orders

Discount chain Lidl will set up a new distribution center for e-commerce activities in the Dutch Roosendaal from where the online orders in the UK will be supplied. The new DC in Roosendaal will start operating from next year, the company announced. The distribution center, spanning over six hectare of land will provide non-food e-commerce in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg and into Germany. Formerly distribution center situated in Germany handled deliveries to these areas.

It is an international initiative Lidl, which thus independent of the distribution of the chain in Belgium and the Netherlands. The new DC has to meet the growing demand for online non-food products in the Benelux.

“We have our shop a year now, and we see the numbers steadily rising. We are growing and it is the intention to continue its work on e-commerce, “confirms Isabelle Colbrandt, spokesman for Lidl Belgium.

It is striking that Lidl has chosen the new distribution center in the Netherlands, just a stone’s throw from the Belgian border. “There are many factors played a role in the choice of Roosendaal. Among other things, the location was very important. Netherlands in this case was simply the best option, “said Isabelle Colbrandt.