Lidl to open more stores in Romania

In Romania food retail market leader Schwarz group has 195 Lidl discount stores and 112 Kaufland hypermarkets. Lidl announced that it will open 10-15 new stores per year in Romania. The ultimate goal is to present a network of 200 store their further 100 stores to expand. Its major competitor in the country, Carrefour, has 292 stores us of which 32 hypermarkets, 119 supermarkets Market, 44 high street proximity Express.

Drane Wagner, director of Lidl Romania, said: If the location is right and the price is reasonable, we can find open spaces for shop development. We will expand even faster pace than is currently planned.

Lidl is present in the country since 2011, 107 stores in the German Plustól were purchased, and a turnover of EUR 380 million were produced. Turnover for the company in Romania during 2015 was amounted to EUR 1.1 billion.