Lidl to acquire Best Market

The U.S branch of the German-based chain retailer Lidl said last Friday that it is planning to buy 17 Best Market supermarkets in New York and New Jersy.

However the financial deals were not closed yet, the giant supermarket Lidl has announced lately that they are acquiring the stores which may give an idea about the accelerated process of the deal.

Lidl US CEO Johannes Fieber stated:  ” Best Market has played an enormously positive role in the area, and we look forward to working closely with Best Market employees to build on that success, We are excited to expand into many great communities on Long Island and across the New York City area and introduce more customers to our simple and efficient approach to grocery shopping, which will mean high quality and huge savings for more shoppers.”

Lidl and Aldi have recently announced their plans to extend their business all over the country and announced the states concerned with the expansions