Lidl, Tesco and Ladybug reign in spending on television advertising

tv advtStudies reveal that supermarket chains have been increasingly spending on television advertising during the pre- Christmas period from 14-20 December, this Holiday season. According to calculations by Nielsen three supermarkets namely, Lidl, Tesco and Ladybug have spend a sum up to 19.6 million zł on television advertisements.

Lidl spent 7 820 968 zł on advertising, Tesco allocated 033 973 zł for this purpose 6 and Ladybug 5 827 108 zł. In comparison Top 10 brands with the biggest expenditure also includes brands such as, Media Expert (5 896 860 zł) and Allegro (5 203 598 zł).

Expenditures are given according to the official estimations from TV station. Last year wirtualnemedia.plreported that third place in terms of advertising expenditure in the media off-line in 2015 belongs to Lidl.