Lidl recalls Flashlight


Discount retailer Lidl recalls rechargeable flashlight from market. Rechargeable Lantern Livarno Lux brand, which went on sale in Lidl stores in Portugal is being recalled by the product supplier, the company said in an announcement.  The batch of the flashlight recalled could build up of pressure inside the battery during the charging process, which may burst and cause injury to the user, the retailer explains the supplier said in a statement.

Rechargeable Lantern Livarno Lux brand has the product code 270 079 and went on sale in Portugal in Lidl stores on January 14, 2016. The statement said that Lidl Portugal reacted immediately and withdrew the affect product immediately to ensure customer protection. According to the supplier, the item can be returned in all stores Lidl and the appropriate refund will be provided, even without proof of purchase receipt.