Lidl recal s Cordless headlights



Lidl has announced the recall of Cordless headlights over fears of explosion. Anyone who has purchased 270 079 part numbers of cordless headlights are advised to return them to the nearest store to avail a full discount, the company said in an announcement. The manufacturer Lidl supermarkets said that the affect products is the one with name ‘Livarno Cordless headlights Lux “, which has the part number 270,079th (The part number on the back of the lamp.)

The hand heald headlights were recalled because the company found that while recharging the battery, it was found that an internal pressure has been bulding up in the device which causes a possible risk of explosion, the discounter said. The recalled product was put into sale starting this year from 18 January told Lidl.

The store chain asked those concerned to bring the lights back to any of the Lidl store where you could get back a full refund for the product, even without the purchase bill. Lidl also announced the recall applies only to the part number 270 079 mm, Livarno Lux Cordless headlamp. No other headlamps or other articles are affected.