Lidl Poland increases salaries of employees

Lidl Poland has announced an increase in salaries of their employees by an average of 9%. With the new announcement, Lidl employees will receive 150 to 500 zł more payroll than the previous year. The German discounter has also announced creation of several hundred new jobs this year.

Lidl will increase the salaries of employees of shops from March 1, 2017. In the first year of employment one would get 2550-3300 zł gross following by a pay rise to 2750-3500 zł gross during the second year. After two years the payroll would be 3000-3800 zł gross, the company said. The remuneration of a store manager for his first year would be 4400-5000 zł gross. The second year salary for the store manager will be 5000-5500 zł gross, and after 2 years – 6300-6800 zł gross.

Lild has also increased the salary for commission workers. They would receive a salary of 2850-3400 zł gross, with guaranteed increases after a year of work to the level of 3150-3600 zł gross. After initial two years, the salary will increase to 3550-4000 zł gross. The initial minimum wage for a forklift operator is 3600 zł gross with a guaranteed increase to the level of 3800 zł gross after a year of work, and 4200 zł Gross after 2 years.

Besides Lidl employees are covered by a free private medical care. The company also offers the possibility of accession on preferential terms to the medical insurance for the whole family. Lidl has also announced that the employees will get social package vouchers and Christmas gifts and occasional bills. In October last year, all employees received the vouchers in the amount of 600 zł, and in December – Christmas vouchers worth 400 zł for using in Lidl. In 2016 the company gave employees gift certificates worth a total of 14.5 million zł.

During the years 2012-2016 nearly 4,000 employees’ children received educational kits. Lidl Poland has also launched a campaign under the slogan “Lidl starts with people,” promoting the company as an attractive employer.