Lidl opens new ecological logistics center


Lidl, one of the fastest growing retail chains in Slovakia, opened in Sered its third logistics center. It is one of the largest and also the most ecological centers in Europe. Investment worth 50 million euros to provide labor for nearly 200 people and will supply 44 of 124 Lidl stores in Slovakia.

The new logistics center is gray, white and black paints outside, but has green insides, said CEO of Lidl SR Stanislav Chaika, captures the essence of the new investment. The new ultra modern warehouse is not only well located in terms of accessibility, since it is close to the expressway connecting with Sereď Trnava and Nitra, but it really is all green investment.

The complex landscaping in an area of ​​2.5 hectares, also has rainwater harvesting facilities. The Green Living balances the total area of ​​128 thousand square meters logistics center. The whole building is installed with energy-saving LED lighting. This year will bring considerable energy savings, which in the classic light vystačila for 400 houses.

Refrigeration equipment using environmentally responsible natural-based mixture, heat from cooling is used to recover heat, part consists charging stations for electric cars – all handling trucks running on electric power. The center is open 363 days a year and a day the hundred trucks with food from all over Europe. The halls stores the goods at seven temperature regimes from plus 20 degrees to minus 24 degrees Celsius.

Lidl won the first in Slovakia and fourteenth in the world for technology environmentally friendly building with the highest level of international BREEAM certification. Among industrial objects they previously had only building in the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK. “Logistics center Lidl Sered received five out of five stars, ie the highest possible rating,” said Mark quartz, BREEAM assessor.