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Lidl opens concept store in Croatia to mark its tenth anniversary

Croatia is listed alongside Great Britain, Spain, and Ireland – and the country was among the first in the EU to get new, concept shops.Lidl Croatia will open the store to mark the tenth anniversary of business in the market. Over the period the retailer witnessed great changes in the habits of local buyers, so at the very threshold of the Jubilee they announced a new concept of retail facilities and more attractive design.

The first such store, 87 in the network of this retail chain, in which it invested more than 40 million opened recently. Another concept store is to be opened in Zagreb suburb of Dubrava, and next year in the spring and the third in Osijek, where it would be a  store restoration and will therefore cost about 20 million.

DaliborBosniaks from the Board of Lidl said: “The new concept store indicatesLidl response to changing customer requirements, as well as employees. Customer requirements are changing so that detail taken into account when they decide to enter into this new store, but the same weight had the pleasure and the needs of employees, which is, is, also influenced the development of a new concept store.

In Lidl, he adds, the new concept store they see as an evolution, not a revolution. The focus of the entire concept, starting from the parking lot, delivery ramps and retail space until a staff explains, is designed to achieve a greater visibility and ambient light and products, as well as effective movement. The new concept store is visible through an increase in selling space, it in this forum exceed 1,400 square meters. In addition, there are an open view into space, high ceilings, large glass walls and spacious entrance which gives clear outlines of trade for a more pleasant purchase. Furthermore, the employees were given a more modern and more spacious area for which not only provides a more comfortable environment for daily rest, but will also serve for training.

Trades will, says Bosnjak, be sustainable in terms of the use of new materials and technologies, used LED lighting in the store and in the parking lot, and the energy efficiency of heating systems through the use of waste heat. Is the construction of the new model sales center collects against Lidl traditional project? “The basic cost per square meter is not expensive but investment grew works of a larger area.

Asked if Croatia is the first country where Lidl introduces a new type of trade, he recalls that the company operates in 26 countries, and Italy is a pilot country of the new concept of construction and design. Croatia ranks high, is listed alongside Spain, Great Britain and Ireland, the group of countries that will be among the first to get the new attractive trade.

Total size of the store is 2,534 m2, sales area of ​​1427 m2, and customers are provided with 142 parking spaces.

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