Lidl launches thematic promotions in its Polish stores

Lidl launches thematic promotions in its Polish stores


In a move to lure in more customers, the German discounter Lidl has launched thematic promotions in its supermarket stores in Poland. The current theme for February 2016 would be Asian Cuisine, the retailer announced. From February 8 in all stores Lidl Poland has started the Asian cuisine Promotions.

The offer is for, among others, soy noodles, soba noodles, long grain rice, jasmine rice and Thai rice basmati, sweet chili sauce, typical for Asian dishes or grilled, classic soy sauce, which is a component of oriental dishes and sweet and sour sauce with large pieces of vegetables and pineapple. There are also promotional offers for coconut, mangoes and lychees, ice cream Asian and coconut water.

In January Lidl had promotions on Italian specialties such as pasta Vegetable Bruschetta, cheese Pecorino Toscano DOP Stagionato and Gorgonzola DOP, Italian ham maturing San Daniele, delicate Pizza alla Parmigiana, spicy Arrabbiata Pizza and many more. Market experts opined that the thematic promotions allow Lidl to offer the products to which customers have limited access. Most of these products are lost among the 30-40 thousand regular items in the supermarket. Through the promotions the supermarket offers cuisine of different nations each time.

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