Lidl launches new promotion in Greece focusing on fresh food 


German discounter supermarket Lidl has launched a new television advertisement in Greece focusing primarily on fresh foods. The company says that the new promotion is to showcase the quality of the food it brings to the lives of people each day.

There are many local elements that the company highlights in its new campaign LIDL. Bet it a good piece of fruit or a vegetable or a fresh fish from the vividness of the eye or the good meat, the advertisement simply wants to grab the totality of the Country and its culture. The discounter claims the new advert truly shows the true Greece: the fields, farms, our seas, and workshops, bakeries and dairies. Amid all this wealth of images, the LIDL is there to care, control, carry the best products, and can proudly sign that what has “it looks.”

Lidl said it is a tribute to those who know how to produce the best product, those who know how to enjoy the company of their favorite people.  The campaign unfolds and themed movies on the basic categories of LIDL products: fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, pastries. In these films, a peculiar dialogue created between the consumer and the producer knows that the good product and it seems, and can prove it with data.

The advertisement was created by the agency The Newtons Laboratory who conceived the idea. Stefi Lynx Productions along with the marketing wing of Lidl Hellas brought it to life. Directed by Yorgos Zafiris, and photographed by Thomas Varvias the beautifully pictured advertisement gets its music from the wonderful composer Nikos Portokaloglou. The shooting took place at different locations in Northern Greece and lasted a total of 10 days.