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Lidl introduces new private label milk with animal protection label

Discounter supermarket Lidl has acquired an animal protection label ‘Für Mehr Tierschutz’ (for animals protection), for its private-label fresh milk in Germany. Lidl announced that through this collaboration its private label fresh milk would become the first regional dairy product to get the priced animal protection label from German Animal Protection Association.

Thomas Schröder, president of the German Animal Protection Association said that Lidl was their first partner to confirm the collaboration and this action would enable shoppers to buy products that honor animal welfare. The private label fresh milk launched in January 2017 is christened as Ein Gutes Stück Bayern, suggesting the place of its origin Bavaria.

The animal protection label is used to identify products of animal origin, which are based on animal welfare standards, which ensure a real added value of animal protection for the animals. The standards are designed to enable animals in agriculture to meet their needs and requirements for their environment.

Jan Bock, purchasing manager for Lidl Deutschland, added: “For us, acting responsibly towards people and the environment includes a greater effort towards the protection of animals. The ‘Ein Gutes Stück Bayern’ dairy products stand for animal welfare and sustainability and we are pleased that our efforts are now visible through the premium Tierschutz seal.”

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