Lidl Eyeing on Fort Mill


Coming Monday there will be a public hearing which will be a crucial leap towards a fresh grocery store in Fort Mill, which is the first of its kind.

The County Council of York will hold the hearing on a rezoning that could bring a Lidl store to Fort Mill. The German-based grocer declared plans previous summer to open a U.S. HQ in Virginia and start stores in the local market.

Lidl U.S. president Brendan told that their philosophy is much simple – they were focused on offering their clients quality products at competitive price in most convenient locations.

Lidl has been doing business for over 40 years. There are around 10,000 stores in 26 European nations. By U.S. website, Lidl is peeping in real estate to widen stores in eight states – from Georgia to Pennsylvania. The organization is focusing on areas of not less than 3.5 acres of land for 36,000-square-foot exclusive stores, with not less than 150 parking spots.

Lidl started as a basic supply wholesaler in 1930s Germany. The premier store opened in the same nation, in 1973. In somewhat 10 years from that time there were 300 stores. Lidl was main five among the world’s biggest retailers by 2015. Lidl utilizes more than 230,000 individuals.

Lidl spokesperson Will Harwood said that they have their roots in Europe, and they will open their first stores here not later than 2018.

Details are not available on when a store would open in Fort Mill.