Lidl will not offer, as announced in September 2018, only fair-trade bananas. Customers should continue to be able to decide for themselves which fruit they buy. Consumer want the cheap banana, says Lidl boss Klaus Gehrig at a press conference. He describes it as a mistake to limit themselves to Fairtrade merchandise.

“We were unable to convince the customer of our commitment, so we leave our customers with the choice and will offer three varieties of bananas in the future,” explains Jan Bock, Purchasing Manager at Lidl Germany. From the summer of 2019, the discounter will have conventional and organic bananas with Fairtrade certification and bananas in the price entry segment with the Rainforest Alliance seal.

It is surprising that in Germany, a kilo of bananas is available for less than a euro and thus significantly cheaper than domestic apples. Even Fairtrade bananas were sold at Lidl for 1.09 euros the kilo. For a product that has to travel halfway around the world before it lands in the supermarket, a very reasonable price – there can be no question of expensive!

Sustainable and fair production is not possible at prices below one euro for the kilo of bananas, says Dieter Overath, CEO of Transfair, to the Lebensmittel Zeitung.

Only recently, the association Transfair published the Fairtrade Annual Report 2018, according to which more and more people in Germany resort to fair trade goods. Sales of Fairtrade products rose by 22 percent to 1.6 billion euros. Especially bananas, coffee and cocoa with the green-blue-black Fairtrade logo are selling well.


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