The valuation of milk prices is at the heart of several agreements concluded between Lidl France and processors since April. The agreement with Lactalis concerns private label products (MDD), after that on national brands concluded in February. The price of basic milk is upgraded to € 355/1000 l, for an equivalent of 160 million litres. For Savencia, the agreement upgrades the price of milk to 375 € / 1000 l all premiums combined and relates to national brand products.

For Danone, the price is displayed at 371 € “whatever the premiums”, on national brands, for an equivalent of 12 million litres of milk minimum. For Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel Dairy (LSDH) and the Association of milk producers (APLBC), the tripartite agreement with Lidl is evolving. The base price is revalued to 370 €, or about 390 € all premiums combined (non-GMO sector). The quantities ordered go from 9 to 28 million litres.

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