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Lidl and Biedronka have a new powerful competitor. The giant agreed with PKO BP

PKO BP has reached an agreement with one of the new moguls among discounters. Hundreds of millions of zlotys will flow in its direction, thanks to which further development of the network will be possible. Lidl and Biedronka may have another big competitor in the fight for clients in the coming years.

PKO BP is the largest Polish bank. No wonder that it started very serious cooperation with the store chain based on domestic capital. The bank has just announced that huge amounts of money will go to the new business partner in the near future. The stewards of Biedronka and Lidl are looking with interest on the whole situation, who sense more and more serious competition.

The greatest mystery of Grażyna Torbicka was revealed. The jaw drops to the ground – Biedronka and Lidl have a new competitor. PKO BP will grant the retailer a multi-million dollar loan. Dino supermarket develops dynamically every year. The first stores from this sign appeared in 1999. Initially, it was a local brand appearing only in Wielkopolska. However, over time, customers’ trust has allowed the network to develop to very large sizes.

Currently, over 900 branches are operating in Poland. Such a great success, however, is only the introduction to the next serious actions. Dino has just announced that it has obtained a very substantial loan from PKO BP. The total amount of funds obtained is PLN 150 million, of which PLN 80 million was acquired by Dino Polska, and 70 by Dino Południe, which is dependent on it. The money will be spent on the consistent development of the store chain, and in particular on expanding the logistics base. The loan was granted for the period from February 11 this year to August 11, 2026.


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