Lewis Road Creamery develops ‘reindeer’ milk

Rein deer

In response to a satirical column on Stuff Lewis road creamery has developed 1000 bottles of ‘Pure Reindeer Milk’. The column was written under the pseudonym the Beaver had joked the dairy organisation had a deal with reindeer herders in northern part of Mongolia to produce “The Rudolf Expression” ahead of the festive season.

The festive drink is available only in Bleinheim, the shoppers in Marlborough, milk lovers across New Zealand. Peter Cullinane, the founder of Lewis Road Creamery told that he sent a link to the Beaver’s column and got inspired.

The milk was in fact non-homogenised organic cows’ milk, with a festival label on the cap. The bottling will be in 750ml at no extra cost. Sufficient bottles were there to be sold on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Ashley Shore, the owner of Blenheim New World said that it was really a pretty special stuff. It would be intriguing” to see the reaction of the shoppers and told that he was not expecting it to last long. The supermarket has decided to manufacture only 270 bottles to be available on Tuesday, and in the coming days will be on first come-first served basis, he added.

The milk sells at a price value of $3.99 per bottle.