Lekkerland is now a sponsor in the National Scholarship Programme

The specialist for “on-the-go” consumption provides support for students at the University of Cologne.

150 euros from donors in private business + 150 euros from the German Federal Government = 300 euros financial support a month for a student. This is the formula for the National Scholarship Programme in Germany. Starting in the winter semester 2012/2013, Lekkerland AG & Co. KG is taking part in the programme and sponsoring three students studying in the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne.

The main factor in selecting scholarship holders are the grades obtained at school and during university studies but social commitment is also taken into account. The sponsorship funding is provided for the best students in the faculty selected by the company.

“Participating in the National Scholarship Programme allows us to make contact with talented young people and help them achieve good grades in their selected course of studies. This commitment enables us to position ourselves as an attractive employer with this target group, while at the same time meeting our social responsibilities to the community,” explained Dr René Jerusalem, Head of Corporate HR Development, at Lekkerland AG & Co. KG. Alongside financial support, Lekkerland offers its scholarship holders the opportunity of practical work experience in the company. “We join forces with the scholarship holders to put together an individual programme based on their needs and interests, and the students are then able to take advantage of this opportunity,” explained Dr René Jerusalem.

The National Scholarship Programme in Germany

Since the summer semester of 2011, the German National Scholarship Programme has been providing sponsorship amounting to 300 euros a month to existing and new students in Germany who can provide evidence of outstanding achievement in school and on their degree course. Half the sponsorship is provided by the Federal Government and the other half comes from donors in the private sector. The ultimate aim is for the new alliance involving engagement between corporate citizens and government funding to provide scholarships for up to eight percent of all students at German universities. The scholarship is independent of any income requirements. Scholarship holders will receive sponsorship of 300 euros a month for at least two semesters or maximally until the end of the normal period of university education in order to enable them to concentrate on their studies.

Brief profile of the Lekkerland Group

Lekkerland currently supplies around 125,000 filling station shops, kiosks, convenience stores, fast-food chains, tobacco shops, beverage retailers, department stores, food retailers, bakeries and canteens in nine European countries with a full range of sweets, drinks, snacks, convenience goods, ice creams, deep-frozen goods, fresh products, tobacco goods, non-food products, telephone cards and other prepaid products. In the business year 2011, the company generated sales of 12.3 billion euros.

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