Casino and Leclerc have agreed on the purchase of selling six Giant stores, which will be returned to the hands of members of the independent movement. That is 5% of the integrated park of Stéphanois.

In presenting its fourth quarter sales in the evening of January 17, Casino had nothing to confirm the ongoing negotiations with Leclerc. The staff, in fact, had not yet been informed of the operation. The representative bodies were notified internally on January 18, and a statement fell on Saturday, January 19 at the beginning of the day.

The signed promise to purchase relates to the funds and walls of six Giant Casino, for a total valuation of 100.5 million euros (16.8 million euros per site).

The hypers are those of Saint-Grégoire (35), Cholet (49), Dole (39), Anglet (64), Castres (81) and Castelnaudary (11). Sites of intermediate size, from 6000 to 7000 square meters most often (more modest, Castelnaudary does not reach 4000 square meters). Past agreements provide for the continuation of employees’ employment contracts in each store.

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