Leclerc opens its 2nd Organic Market in Erstein

After Saintes in Charente-Maritime at the end of October, E. Leclerc inaugurated on December 19th its 2nd Organic Market in Erstein with a surface area of 590 m². It offers exclusively organic products and an on-site restaurant counter.

The second Bio E.Leclerc store was inaugurated on 19 December in Erstein (Bas-Rhin). It is added to the current store of Saintes, opened at the end of October. With a surface area of 590 m², this new shop exclusively references products from organic farming. The store offers an on-site restaurant counter and a traditional department: new spaces that will be duplicated in department stores, such as Erstein. In this shop, there are 5,500 food and non-food items that will be offered to organic items costumes.

A team of 10 professionals has been recruited to advise consumers in their choice. A dietician is present daily. Throughout the year, activities and dietary, tasting and cooking workshops will be organized with local suppliers.
Leclerc announced in October the opening of 40 other organic stores in the coming months and 200 within 5 years.