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Leclerc announces three partnerships with agricultural sectors

The E. Leclerc Movement has just announced measures in favour of the agricultural world. In line with the Estates General of Food, Leclerc has formed three partnerships whose aim is to offer better remuneration to farmers, to help convert to organic and to ensure more opportunities.

Leclerc has set up a partnership with Orlait, which is 50% owned by the French cooperative Sodiaal, to better reward the 26,000 breeders that make up the entity. This agreement will also allow a move upmarket with improved breeding conditions.

In addition, Leclerc launches a new brand to support farmers who convert to organic food with a Mark Brand Mark sector contract for 5 years.

Leclerc announces its commitment to the Brittany cooperative CECAB, Bonduelle and the Société Conserves France with three-year minimum supply chain contracts to secure farmers’ production and income.

Many French retailer have turned recently to Organic items, to go along with the new movement that encourages the sales of organic items.

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