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Lawsuit against Dirk and Jumbo Supermarkets


dierenrecht-gespeendebiggenAnimal welfare group Varkens in Nood has filed a lawsuit against supermarkets Dirk and Jumbo for selling non labeled pork in its stores. Both Supermarkets Dirk and Jumbo promised an years ago to go to pork with at least one star Beter Leven quality mark. Pigs in Need Foundation is a Dutch animal welfare organization dedicated to the welfare of animals in factory farms, in particular for pigs. Researches conducted by Varkens in Nood found out that by far the most meat at Dirk and Jumbo still has no label. Therefore, they announced that they have decided to file a lawsuit in collaboration with Animal & Law a lawsuit against the supermarkets.

Pigs in the livestock industry to lead a miserable life. The Dutch pig industry reports typically 120 cases of abuse, much of which is in conflict with the law. This unlawful pork is produced beginning in 2016 still on the shelves of supermarkets, despite all pledges to step up meat at least one star Beter Leven quality mark.  Dirk and Jumbo make commitments that they repeatedly fail to meet. Jumbo committed itself to per September 1st 2015 only fresh pork to sell at least the Better Life Quality Mark 1 star and Dirk promised in 2011 that in the short term all the pork least one Beter Leven star would wear.

For both these supermarkets the promises remain unfulfilled. Also in terms of percentage kilo bangers (offers with meat without label) and Dirk Jumbo score worse than most other supermarkets.Varkens in Nood Director Hans Baaij said that the purpose of this lawsuit is to have Dirk and Jumbo  oblige to at least one Beter Leven star for all the pork they sell.

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