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Landgasthof gives way to new Edeka market


OnThursday, September 5,the building authority of the city of Varel willinform theinhabitantsabout the current state of planning for the new Edeka market on the grounds of the former Landgasthof Haßmannin the Rathaus II on the road to the Jadebusen in Langendamm. The start of the information event is at 19 o’clock. Also presented is the state of planning for the site of the current Edeka market on the Mühlenteichstraße.

The Edeka market is to be relocated to the site of the former restaurant Haßmann. For this, the inn and two houses are to be demolished and a new building for Edeka and a bakery arise. A long, clinkered building with a modern look is planned.

On the site at the Mühlenteichstraße / corner Achter de Gast in Obenstrohe, on which now stands the Edeka market, is to create a multi-family house with 24 residential units. All apartments with a size of 40 to 75 square meters are to be barrier-free.

The new multi-family house with senior-friendly apartments should be located along Mühlenteichstraße. The apartments should be available to the free housing market and qualified as barrier-free apartments.

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