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Kaufland in Melanchthonstraße closes at the end of 2019


Bretten (hk) Two Kaufland stores are still being operated in Melanchthonstadt. But in about six months, that could be a thing of the past. “The closure of the site in the Melanchthonstraße is planned towards the end of the year,” said the company headquarters in Neckarsulm on request of Brettener Woche / Kraichgauer messenger. The property was opened in 1973 and includes the property of the Schwarzgruppe.

Meanwhile, market modernization is progressing at Diedelsheimer Höhe. There is now the first phase, during operation, ended. This concerns, for example, cash registers and customer toilets. Since the end of last week, the new baking shop has been completed, since Monday also the fruit and vegetable department. As part of the market modernization, the sales area in the basement will be enlarged by 1,000 square meters. Customers can also look forward to more parking after the refurbishment. The number of parking spaces increases by 20 places to 400 places. The parking extension is expected to be completed in September. The bakery and the magazine shop will be located in an annexe in the future. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2019.


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