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Kaufland expands the sale of milk with animal protection label


Kaufland sells fresh milk in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia from mid-September with the animal welfare label of the German Animal Welfare Association (DTB). The milk comes from the dairy NordseeMilch and is to be available in more than 160 stores of the food retailer.

The products were awarded two stars, the highest level of the animal welfare label. This means, for example, that dairy cows have more space in the barn. In addition, they have year-round access to a running farm and a pasture, the company said.

The fresh milk has been available since mid-June at Kaufland in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. “The past three months have shown that consumers want to support the better keeping of dairy cows and are therefore consciously using this milk,” says Boris Frick, Purchasing Dairy Products Kaufland. “We are very pleased, so we have extended the offer.”

The milk is fat-reduced at 1.5% and as full milk with 3.5% fat, in the 1-litre package for € 1.19 or € 1.29.


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