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Kaufland Digital pledge to be tested


The idea for the paperless pledge had a Kaufland employee. “After a large deposit return, my pledge showed around 30 euros. Since you often have to look for the receipt at the checkout, I wondered if it would not be possible to digitize the process and integrate the receipt into an app, “says Dorothee Petzl, Customer Journey at Kaufland her idea. The vouchers are redeemable in about 150 markets in southern Germany.

With the easy and intuitive SmartBoard app, no ​​deposit is lost. A big benefit in terms of sustainability is the fact that digitalization at over 660 branches saves around 200 million printed pledges a year. Since the bons are on average twelve centimetres long, this results in a total of about 24,000 kilometres long paper strip. If one assumes that the Kaufland pledge is 8 cm wide, that would be an area of ​​1.92 km2.

After downloading the app “Kaufland Smartbon”, the customer registers and can decide whether he wants to redeem the voucher directly or only on one of his next purchases. To do this, the customer simply opens the app when paying, has the code scanned at the cash register and the deposit is already deducted from the purchase.

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