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Kaufland continues to reduce its own brands of sugar, salt and fat


With its own reduction strategy, the company has set itself the goal of reducing the sugar, salt and fat content of more than 300 own-brand items by an average of 20 percent by 2021.

“We support our customers in a healthy lifestyle and thus meet our responsibility as a grocer,” emphasizes Sebastian Schlag, Head of Kaufland Private Label International. “The reduction of sugar, salt and fat in our own-brand products is an important step here, and we focus on products that are mainly eaten by children.”

Kaufland has been working consistently on reducing measures for its own-brand products since 2015: The Cool Flakies from K-Classic have reduced the sugar content by 20 percent. Other cereals such as the K-Classic-Choco-Happs or dairy products such as the K-Classic-Crunchy yoghurt have already been sugar-reduced by up to 22 percent. The sugar content in K-Classic-Kinderquark has been reduced by 12 percent. The K-Classic lemon tea has 13 percent less sugar. The Berner sausages from K-Classic contain 17 percent less fat and 14 percent less salt. The K-Classic Cream Kefir not only reduced sugar by around 15 percent, but also increased fruit content by 11 percent.

“For all of our own brand products, we examine how we can further reduce sugar, salt and fat,” says Sebastian Schlag. “We are also working with our suppliers to offer healthier alternatives in product development when launching new products, and we strive to reduce them by eliminating the use of substitutes.”

In addition to the reduction, Kaufland is also in other areas for a healthy diet. For example, since 2010, the company has been involved in the European School Fruit Scheme and helps children to eat healthily. Kaufland distributes weekly seasonal and fresh fruit and vegetables, to date more than 114 tons. In Baden-Württemberg alone, more than 4,000 children benefit from this.


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