The Australian ministry of Economy has given the dealer from Neckarsulm first building permits for a logistics centre and three branches. Kaufland should succeed in entering the market from its widest door. The message that Pallas delivered clears the way for the next phase of expansion in Australia: building permits for a logistics center and three branches, all of which are in the Melbourne catchment area, at just under five Million inhabitants second largest city in Australia.

For Kaufland, the building permits mark a “very important milestone”: Now it is clear that the first branches of the Neckarsulm will not open their doors in the next few months and probably not next year – the company would like to have a date fixed not yet. The timeline for the conquest of the first market in the southern hemisphere by the Schwarz Group is now foreseeable.

“Australia has a lot of potential for us,” says Julia Kern, head of the Neckarsulm region. “At the moment, however, it is still too early to talk about future location numbers.”

An investment package of the equivalent of 286 million euros has put Kern in the first step, the necessary equity has already transferred the company according to Australian media reports to Melbourne. “We are very welcome in Australia and are very well supported by everyone involved,” rejoices Julia Kern. “We’re creating great opportunities for local businesses, driving much-needed competition, and increasing the choice and shopping experience for Australian consumers.”

Kaufland is an international retail company with over 1,270 branches and around 140,000 employees in seven countries. The company has branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. The company is part of the Schwarz Group, one of the leading companies in the food retail sector in Germany and Europe. Kaufland is located in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg.

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