Kaufland: “650 vegane Produkte in allen Warengruppen”

Kaufland has been offering vegan products since October 2016 under its own market “K-Take it Veggie”. In addition, the vegan range is growing steadily. We talked about this with Kerstin Dürr, purchasing Kaufland Germany organic, vegan and special foods, as well as with Helena Gauerhof, purchasing Kaufland Marken International.

” Our vegan range includes a total of over 650 items in all product groups, including over 100 items in the drugstore.”stated the company on their site

All vegan product groups are in high demand, especially milk substitutes and meat substitutes (freshness), d. H. Soy protein, genetic protein, jackfruit, etc.

” customers can find a vegan block in the dry range, a block “veggie and vegan” in the cooling of dairy products and meat substitutes (not for meat and dairy products), as well as a vegan block in the uncooled Mopro alternatives.”

Kaufland promotes vegan and veggie products several times a year. In addition, they naturally appear regularly in “normal” advertising as special alternatives.