K-food store customers prefer traditional Christmas foods

Also at Christmas, K-food store customers value domestic and organic products. This year, new Christmas products offered by K-food stores include Pirkka casseroles made of Finnish organic ingredients in the traditional way. In addition, all Pirkka hams are Finnish. Brand familiarity is important also in Christmas confectionery.

Kesko Food does not import Christmas hams. All Pirkka hams and other hams in Kesko Food’s selections are Finnish. The demand for smaller hams is growing steadily. Year after year, the demand for ham rolls, other boneless hams and organic hams has risen. Traditional whole hams have been in low demand over the last couple of Christmases, but this year’s long Christmas weekend may increase their sales. A new Pirkka product, introduced to meet the demand for small hams, is the fresh-salted, boneless, c. 4.5 kg Pirkka grain-fed celebration ham.

Other new Pirkka products for the Christmas season include casseroles made of Finnish organic ingredients in the traditional way: Pirkka Organic sweetened potato casserole, Pirkka Organic swede casserole and Pirkka Organic carrot casserole. All of the organic casseroles are lactose free, and the swede and carrot casseroles are also gluten free. The Pirkka range vegetable purées – Pirkka swede purée, Pirkka sweet potato purée, Pirkka Organic carrot purée, Pirkka root crop purée and Pirkka beetroot-potato purée – are ideal ingredients for Christmas casseroles.

K-food stores do not expect any major changes in confectionery sales this Christmas, because customers prefer familiar, traditional Christmas confectionery. In recent years, packs of wrapped chocolates and traditional chocolate praline boxes have become increasingly popular. For several years, the best sellers at K-food stores have been Fazer’s ‘Present’ chocolate praline box, wrapped milk chocolate pralines, ‘Vihreät kuulat’ jellies and Panda’s ‘Juhlapöydän konvehteja’ chocolate praline box.

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