Jumbos close stores on Boxing Day to avoid Municipality fines


Three Dutch Jumbos in Hengelo remained close on Boxing Day after the Municipality threatened them with a fine if they had opened. Customers, who wanted to visit the shops, were faced with a closed door. The three franchises said they planned to open on Boxing Day.

All Sundays in December were classified as shopping Sunday by the Municipality, although Boxing Day was not explicitly listed. Mirko Klieverik of the Jumbo to Dikker Square assumed that the same for Boxing Day as well, But it was not.

The municipality threatened the shops with a fine of € 5,000 if they would open. The shops of three franchisees Leussink Jumbo, Jumbo and Jumbo Leferink Klieverik remained closed under the threat. Other branches of Niek Leussink in Goor, Haaksbergen and Aalten, Boxing Day were still available. Since the stores were opened in those places it should also be allowed in Hengelo, included Mirko Klieverik. The demand is there. And if the customers want it, we are there to obey, he said.

This year a record number of supermarkets were opened in Netherlands on Christmas. There were nearly 400 opened in Christmas Day and no less than 2200 on the Boxing Day, twice compared to a year earlier.