Jobs at stake in Asda


Grocery store giant Asda could be cutting more than 1,000 on-roll staffs  in order to streamline their store benefits and cost cutting measures it has been uncovered.

There is emerging reports that managers at the famous chain – which has numerous stores in the region- have met with union delegates as they over- look to examine changes in stores and work losses.

About 5,000 laborers have been counseled with respect to new employment roles and redeployment occasions – and it is thought these could prompt redundancies if staff chooses not to take up new positions.

The move comes after 200 employments were cut in Asda’s head quarters in Leeds a week ago.

Last month, Morrisons  announced the shut-down of 7 stores nationwide as the supermarket chains remain at the competitive edge.

Adjustments to the staff deployment includes the removal of selling Champion in the shop, laying of George desks, and regulating the timings of Pharmacy. ‘create your own pizza’ – services will also be removed. There is a proposal to close the staff canteen as well.