J&D’s Foods is pleased to announce the launch of Bacon Moustache Wax!
J&D’s Foods is pleased to announce the launch of Bacon Moustache Wax!  Yes, the world’s first Bacon scented Moustache Wax is available just in time for Movember.  As always, you’re welcome.
Bacon Moustache Wax combines two of the most powerful forces in the universe – cured meat and moustaches – into one powerful, gravity-defying wax.
WATCH the CBS Channel 7 KIRO-TV News story on the launch of J&D’s Bacon Moustache Wax featuring Gandhi Jones, a three-time Freestyle Moustache World Champion: http://www.kirotv.com/videos/news/video-mustache-world-champion-tries-jds-bacon/vCzt25/
Moustaches are a mark of power, distinction and class. They make the wearer more attractive and increase cognitive ability when stroked. People with moustaches are generally very successful in their chosen fields and held in high regard – individuals like Teddy Roosevelt, Salvador Dali, Magnum PI, the Monopoly Man, Lando Calrissian, Ron Burgundy, Wyatt Earp, and Ulysses S. Grant all attribute their incredible successes to their prominent mouth brows.
Bacon is the moustache of meats. Its smell is intoxicating, its taste is invigorating, and its versatility is renowned.  Bacon Moustache Wax is available starting today at www.BaconMakesTheMan.com for $12.99 per tin and for every tin purchased, we will donate $1 to the Movember Foundation for men’s health.
Developed in partnership with The Seattle Soap Shop (www.SeattleSoapShop.com), Bacon Moustache Wax is handmade in small batches from the highest quality beeswax and petroleum jelly.  Both pliable and aromatic, it provides lasting volume and superior moustache control.  So whether you’re training for the World Beard & Moustache Championships, are a Mo Bro or impressing that special someone, one thing is for sure – your upper lip will never smell so good.
If you want to live in a world where your Lip Luggage can, will and should smell like Bacon, we’d love for you to be one of the first to try Bacon Moustache Wax!  If you’re interested please email us at press@jdfoods.net and be sure to include your address and contact info.
Thanks again for your continued support of the Bacon and Moustache arts,