It’s time to celebrate; Tesco unveils new chocolate cover design for Xmas


Tesco has made Xmas a bit more vegan friendly by bringing out a new vegan selection box. The same box of assorted chocolate your parents used to get you, the very same piece but now vegan friendly. All of them involved dairy as an ingredient, meaning vegans are left out in the cold.

The Free From Selection Box is just £2, consists of one chocolate bar, one white choc bar, one choc ‘n’ crispie bar, one packet of choc buttons and one packet of white choc buttons. Really exciting. One more exciting piece of information is that Tesco now started trading of vegan chocolate coins. Tesco told that they are committed to provide enough solutions to the dietary challenges faced by some customers during the festive season. The selection box as well as the coin are available in Tesco stores and will be soon available online too.