It was confirmed that On New Year’s Eve at 12.30 pm the Edeka-Markt Geitner in Breitenbrunn closes forever.

The shelves and freezers on the approximately 500 square meter sales area have almost emptied. Butchers, bakers, postal agency and lottery-acceptance point were closed. Cäcilia Geitner and her colleagues have mixed feelings. “At some point must be an end, even if it hurts,” says the boss, who has run the store alone for 14 years.

The history of the market goes back almost 100 years, as reported, The store started delivering its services in the present form in 1976. The store closure goes back to many reasons according to the company, but the main reason goes back to the lake of an investor who replaces the former head of the store. the trained bank clerk Cäcilia Geitner had decided that at the beginning of 2019 she would give up her 48-year professional life.

There is still a small spark of hope that a successor to Cäcilia Geitner will be found, according to the Mayor, who promised that he will do his best to find a solution to the issue. Mayor Johann Lanzhammer told the local press that in the first days of the new year a meeting with a potential investor from the district of Neumarkt had been scheduled.

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