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iPhone will have OLED screen from 2017


Apple announced that it would sell iPhone with an OLED screen starting next year. Earlier plan was to start selling OLed screen iphones by 2018. Apple reportedly started reaching out to display providers Samsung and LG last December to get a timeframe on increasing OLED display production and to see if it would be possible to reach production levels high enough to ship an OLED iPhone by 2017., Apple Insider reported on the basis of a report in the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

OLED screens have higher contrast and can also be bent. However, it is unlikely that Apple will release a smartphone with curved design in 2017, the newspaper reported. There might not be enough time in order to prepare for the telephone of other components thereon. It is still unclear whether all iPhones already will have an OLED screen next year. Report suggests that it might include Oled only in a special premium model.

Last year, Nikkei reported first that Apple would make use of OLED screens. Besides Samsung and LG, Apple also wants Japan to supply these display screens. Until now, Samsung is the only smartphone manufacturer that uses regular OLED displays in its devices. The South Korean company also made three curved device with the screen, the Galaxy Round, S6 and S7 Edge Edge. According to sources from Business Korea Samsung plans to boost the development of flexible OLED screens considerably. The company would (300 million euros) won 400 billion to invest in new production facilities. Apple would be the main customer of the new plant.

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