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Interview with Birgit Van Der Steeg Marketing Manager Eggs Posure A/S

The company Eggs Posure was founded in 2014 based on a strategic partnership between the Danish food manufacturer Hedegaard Foods and Dutch packaging group Twinpack.

Eggs Posure A/S developes, produces, and sells new packaging concepts to the egg industry. Taking its point of departure in innovative packaging solutions, the vision behind the company is to add extra value to the egg category for retailers and consumers alike, thereby generating added value within the global egg industry.

eggyplay® is an excellent example of the kind of product that the new Eggs Posure company can give extra lift and momentum in the marketplace. eggyplay®, a patented egg box design made from colourful moulded plastic. The box not only stores and protects eggs; it can also be reused as a toy: the boxes interlock, allowing them to be used a toy building blocks.

Interview with Birgit Boldrup Sørensen Marketing Coordinator Eggs Posure A/S

Question: would you tell us where the idea behind eggyplay® came from and who started it?
The idea behind eggyplay® came from our Danish sister company, Hedegaard Foods, approximately three years ago. The first objective was to contribute to the reduction of the increasing volume of wasted packaging from the food industry. With the new eggyplay® box we have managed to think outside the box and be the first packaging company in the world to develop a unique range of multi-functional egg boxes in moulded plastic.

The box can be reused as packaging and more than 95 % of the material of the box can be recycled as plastic. But what’s even more interesting is the fact that besides protecting and storing eggs, the box can be reused as a toy for children. When washed in the dishwasher, children can use the boxes as building blocks. So, eggyplay® offers as many as three solutions for reuse.

Question: can you talk about the material it is made of?
The eggyplay® box is made from dishwasher-proof polypropylene (PP05), allowing it to be reused as building blocks. Polypropylene (PP05) is a strong and flexible material, which is recyclable and is approved for contact with food. The boxes are produced with in-mould labelling and are CE approved as a toy.

Alongside the development of the eggyplay® boxes, Eggs Posure has created a concept for a potential return system. The idea is that customers return the empty eggyplay® boxes to the store, like PET bottles, and the stores then return them to be reused. In order to implement this, a suitable workflow has to be developed in cooperation with the stores.

Question: Eggs Posure and Kids, can you talk to us about this?
The eggyplay® boxes are completely unique and will certainly attract a lot of attention — both in stores and at home, where they will allow children to let their imagination run free. With eggyplay® boxes they can build large, colourful houses, castles, bridges, and much more. This is a truly value-adding egg box that gives children hours of entertainment.
With eggyplay®, we have the opportunity to make eggs even more fascinating for children. And in doing so we promote wholesome food as well as wholesome play: eggs contain all minerals and vitamins, except for vitamin C, as well as masses of proteins of the best kind. These nutritional qualities and the learning aspects of building and construction underscore the concept’s suitability for children.
Parents will appreciate the fact that the boxes go in the dishwasher and that they take up very little space when folded together. Additionally, the boxes are useful as an alternative storage solution.

Questions: where can we buy eggyplay®, which countries are you selling to, which supermarkets or convenience stores?
The boxes are sold in Denmark (Dansk Supermarked), in France (Auchan and Carrefour), in Italy (Coop and Conad), in Romania (Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Penny, Kaufland, Auchan, Billa and Delhaize), in the Netherlands (Jumbo), in Hungary (Spar), and further the boxes are sold in Finland, Sweden, Chile, Spain, and Korea

Question: how are you marketing your product?
Our marketing efforts are mainly focused on B2B. The egg graders (egg producers/packing companies) are our primary target group. We expose the eggyplay® concept on the world’s largest poultry fairs and expos, send press material to packaging companies across the world, and send samples of the boxes to the largest graders. We have an extensive worldwide network in the egg industry. This year, Eggs Posure will display the eggyplay® concept at the Anuga fair in Cologne, Germany.

Note: Twinpack and Hedegaard Foods established Eggs Posure as a joint venture in 2014. Due to the success of the Eggs Cargo Transport System supplied by Twinpack, Eggs Posure has contacts within the egg industry all over the world. Through Hedegaard Foods, Eggs Posure has a large network in Northern Europe.

For retail marketing, we guide and provide the graders with inspirational marketing material so they are able to support and advice the retailers. Online, we market eggyplay® via Twitter and Instagram and on our websites (targeted at B2C) and (targeted at B2B).

Consumer marketing is left to the individual retailers so they can adapt their approach specifically to their market. The inspirational marketing material provided by Eggs Posure offers attention-grabbing solutions for in-store marketing, eggyplay® merchandise, seasonal material, and events/demos.

Question: what price would it retail at in Europe?
The general price is set at approximately 1.99 Euro for the box including 8 eggs. The price varies depending on the type of eggs included. We have a policy not to sell eggyplay with cage eggs. This is stated in our contracts with the graders. We advice selling eggyplay® with free range or organic eggs.

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