ANUGA 2019 Product News

Interview Vall Pizza Patricia Preli Marketing manager


SN Q-1- Can you tell us about  the start of Val pizza as a company,  the

founder. the idea behind it. Your production site? Valpizza was founded in

1992 in the province of Bologna by Mr Vanes Biagi to answer to an increasing

demand;  it was the beginning of the frozen food and in particular of the

frozen pizzas.. The brand new plant opened in 2011 has a green heart: clean

energy perfectly integrated in the environment

ISN Q 2 Tell us about the different products that you supply and how is it

made? We stick to traditional values, and quality always has priority. We

carefully select our raw materials, constantly work out new recipes and put

a lot of emphasis on manual production processes that contribute

significantly to the unique taste of our pizzas. We work with top-notch

technologies on the one side. On the other side, manual labour and artisan

traditions such as hand kneading still play a vital role. Last but not

least, we try to work in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For

this reason we installed a photovoltaic system that guarantees the

production of clean and sustainable energy

ISN Q 3 What is your target market. retailers, restaurant. and where do you

export? With a workforce of more than 90 employees ad an annual sales of

18,5 millions Euro, 80% of our products – among them not only frozen pizzas

and pizza bases but also pizza snacks, sweet treats, calzoni, flat breads

and so on- are distributed to foreign markets in particular Europe, United

States, Russia and soon Cina. Target markets: retailers, Ho.Re.Ca, food


ISN Q 4 Where do you see Val pizza in 10 years time? We don’t want to become

a “giant” in term of volume but in term of quality and research, keeping on

developing tasty, original and innovative recipes and products that answer

to the more selective alimentary tendencies. Always addressed to the foreign


ISN Q 5 Are they any new projects, or new products that you will be

launching in near future ? The success depends on many factors, especially

on the care Valpizza has always  devoted to its consumers without

exceptions. In fact, it did something  no other  food company had ever  done

before  by introducing  Braille on its packaging. That’s  precisely how it

launched its “Vegan Nutrapizza”  on the market. Nutrapizza is a functional

pizza with  BRAILLE on its cover to inform blind and visually impaired

consumers about the allergens contained in their pizza. This project is

stili being developed, but will allow the company to add extra data within a

few months in order to make sure everyone can access the essential product


ISN Q 6 What are the major events do you attend to market your products? We

participate in international fairs what ANUGA, SIAL SHANGHAI, ABU DHABI


events what IDDBA, B2B kosher and halal meetings and others…

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