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Interview: Raul Calleja, director of Meat and Fruit Attraction


ISN-Q1-   Fruit attraction and Meat attraction,  Please describe exhibitors and visitors profiles 

The participation of Fruit Attraction is mainly in the area of producers, who represent around 70% of the exhibitors: FRESH PRODUCE -Fresh fruit and vegetables; IV and V range; Frozen and dehydrated; Fruit and vegetables for processing; The Organic Hub; The Nuts Hub; Lanzadera; Live flowers and plants, Organisations and Associations. It is finished with the AUXILIARY INDUSTRY AREA – Seeds, fertilizers, agronutrients, phytosanitary products, nurseries and pre-harvest; Transport and Logistics, Packaging and Labelling, Post-harvest, Smart Agro (ICT applied to the horticulture sector and research centres), Point of Sale, Services (consultants, certified companies, financial institutions, temporary employment agencies, training, etc.) -, and the FLOWER&GARDEN ATTRACTION – Flowers; Plants, Collaborating Companies, Technology-.

The visitors are international professionals from all over the world. To a large extent in the production segment, they specifically accounted for 26.83% in the last edition, followed by import/export, marketing companies, wholesalers/warehouses, retail/distribution channels, industry/processing, transport and logistics, and horeca.

ISN-Q2-    How many visitors and exhibitors do you expect this year, and in percentage how many Locals and internationals?

The forecasts for Fruit Attraction are very good. During this 11th edition, we expect a participation of 1,800 companies and 90,000 professionals from 130 countries. Additionally, according to trading volume data to date, we can forecast an increase in the exhibition area of 10.8% compared to 2018. One of the most important parameters for this year’s event will be the notable increase in the exhibition area and the number of international companies. Along with the strong European participation from EU countries such as the Netherlands, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Poland, with a substantial increase from Greece, there is also a notable presence of non-EU countries such as Chile, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the entry for the first time of the grouped participation of Ecuador.

ISN-Q3-    What other events are inside the show in 2019?

Fruit Attraction offers an intensive programme of technical conferences. Among them, the BIOFRUIT CONGRESS specialising in European distribution for the organic sector, the World Fresh Forum (with India and Southeast Asia as the main players in terms of generating business opportunities), and the IV International Stone Fruit Congress: Stone Attraction. We must also respond to the sector’s transformation concerning the challenge of packaging. As well as the challenge of transferring knowledge in biotechnological issues and SmartAgro.  

ISN-Q4-   You started with Fruit attraction and you added Meat attraction. Are you intending to expand more into other foods in the future?

At the moment we are focused on Fruit Attraction and Meat Attraction, in addition to Vendibérica, Eat2Go and Intersicop. In any case, we are always open to the needs of the sectors. The Attraction family is a guarantee of a quality, specialised and vertical food and agricultural exhibition model, and wherever opportunities may arise, we will be there to offer our services to other agri-food industries. 

ISN-Q5-   How do you see the future of trade shows in the world?

Trade fairs, which are the most profitable marketing tools for companies and multiply opportunities for achieving broad goals in a short time, whether it be commercially, for communication, impact, time and agenda, since they involve the mass congregation of an entire sector, are becoming more specialised. The challenges for the future are their ability to offer a profitable commercial tool, to continue expanding the international spectrum of events and to be a space for the future, keeping up with the trends.

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