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Interview: Christophe PAINVIN, Exhibition Director DJAZAGRO

1-Djazagro on its 13 th year , can you tell us where the growth is coming from geographically. countries , type of companies.?

The international scope of DJAZAGRO is significant. Last year the number of the international exhibitors progressed of 24 % with 31 different participating countries representing 72 % of the global surface of the whole event. This year it’s too early to have a real view of the internationalization of the show but the trend is still positive and we will increase the number of different countries and we still welcome national pavilions (France, Turkey, Italia, China, Spain, Argentina…).
Regarding the offer, the food processing, packaging and conditioning sector is the most important with almost 6500 square meters. For the next edition DJAZAGRO will be held in three pavilions. Two dedicated to the machinery and equipment with the food processing, packaging and conditioning sector. The other pavilion will be dedicated to products with the ingredients sector, the food products and beverage sector and with the bakery, pastry and food service sector.

2-Algeria is a very prosperous country, the policy of the government is to produce locally and to encourage joint ventures , and partnership. do Djazagro target machinery manufacturers and what type of companies exhibit at Djazagro?

DJAZAGRO goes to meet directly its visitors. We visit twenty wilayas (Algerian provinces) to discuss with economic operators understand their needs and expectations for the exhibition. DJAZAGRO as always aimed to offer a solution for the specific request of the Algerian market.
We inform our exhibitors of the policy used in Algeria for the development of the Algerian production, therefore the offer meets the demand. By presenting a global offer covering all the food industry branches, DJAZAGRO positioned himself as “The meeting point not-to-be-missed” in Algeria for the entire food industry profession.

3-Can you tell us about any conferences or other events held during Djazagro?

More than an exhibition, DJAZAGRO has to promote and develop the food industry and one of the requests from visitors is to benefit from information and know-how transferred. For the next edition we want to propose conferences regarding the INNOVATION in food industry all around the world.

4-What is your vision on the food food industry in medium and long terms?

As recently said the Algerian Minister of Industry and investment, the food industry is a priority, they are trying to improve the business climate in Algeria by simplifying administrative procedures. If Algeria wants to reduce importation of food products they have to develop the food industry and produce themselves. We see today large commercial malls in Algiers and Oran, and I think this is a new step for the development of the food industry. The organization of a real distribution network is the next step in this development to happen as they wish to food self-sufficiency. DJAZAGRO has always been intended from its creation to participate in the development of the food industry in Algeria.

5-Geographically Algeria in in the Centre of the Maghreb , do you think Djazagro will be a Maghreb event instead of just an Algerian event?

Regarding visitors DJAZAGRO is an Algerian exhibition but and we have also visitors from north of Africa. The new challenge is to promote DJAZAGRO as a Maghreban event. We developed contacts in Tunisia and Morocco with major food manufacturers and we have seen the first results of this strategy last year with the increase in visitors from neighboring countries. For the next edition we will also promote DJAZAGRO in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

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