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International Green Week Berlin 2017

Farm Experience deals with modern breakfasts


More than 50 exhibitors presenting innovations and themed stands dealing with the first meal of the day


Berlin, 20 September 2016 – Together with more than 50 partners, the Modern Agricultural Forum (FORUM) will be presenting the Farm Experience at the International Green Week in Berlin from 20 to 29 January 2017. The main focus is on the first meal of the day, which is also the most important one for many Germans: breakfast.

Hall 3.2 will be the venue for numerous themed displays, which are entertaining, inspiring and packed with information, and are being used to show the innovative ways in which a high value breakfast is created in Germany nowadays. This covers many aspects, from research to the agricultural production and harvesting of individual products, their processing and marketing, and culminates in their preparation in German homes.


FORUM Director Lea Fliess: “The Farm Experience enables modern agriculture to be experienced and discovered at first hand. Visitors can expect some authentic and exciting insights into the various production aspects of Bread & Grains, Sausages & Meat, Dairy Products & Cheese, as well as Sugar, Maize and Rape. There are other important contributions on subjects such as ecosystems, education, society, safety and the future. The picture presented by the Farm Experience is wide-ranging and realistic, and also addresses some critical social issues.“


Breakfast in the social discussion


In recent years a discussion has arisen concerning the subject of breakfast. In their studies leading nutritionists have emphasised the importance of breakfast for today’s society. For young and old alike it provides energy, a supply of major nutrients, minerals and vitamins, thereby providing the basis for our ability to work and concentrate. However, some other experts do not adhere to this dogmatic view of breakfast. Against the background of this discussion the Farm Experience seeks to provide some food for thought and offer some new perspectives. 



Expanding the successful ‘AgrarScouts’ initiative


A new feature of the Farm Experience at the Green Week 2016 was the deployment of 100 AgrarScouts. This initiative is being further expanded in 2017. AgrarScouts consist of farmers, students of the agricultural sciences, consultants and employees of companies in the agricultural sector, who are on hand to deal in detail with visitors’ questions. Through face-to-face discussions they provide visitors with a direct and realistic view of the world of agriculture. 


About the Farm Experience


The Farm Experience is an interactive show about modern agriculture. The various themed displays provide authentic insights into the ways in which today’s livestock is managed, and about plant production, the application of fertilizers and other innovative technologies. This format is intended to strengthen the dialogue between members of the public and today’s farmers, especially in urban areas.

The Farm Experience takes place several times each year all over Germany, beginning at the International Green Week in Berlin.


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