The brand Intermarché has just installed its support functions in a building of 3000 m2 in Vitré, near the station. A strategic choice to anchor its activities closer to the territories. The group celebrating its fiftieth anniversary is also innovating on the customer relations side: reformulation of products, installation of local shops, drive service …

Thierry Cotillard, the president of Intermarché, explains the company’s strategy. Interview.

The consumers change It is obvious. they are more and more demanding and wants to have accurate information about the products he buys. 30% use an app like Yuka or its equivalent. they are increasingly sensitive to the impact of their diet on their health and the question of additives. Add to that the ecology and it is not the last European elections that will make me say the opposite.

” We will reformulate 850 products of our brands. For us, it’s easier because we have our own production tool with Agromousquetaires factories. We have also created a research chair with Agrocampus West to produce better for better eating. This transformation must not make us forget the question of the price which remains essential and on which we fight. 20% of consumers are at the euro when they do their food shopping.” said the company’s spokesman


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