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Intermarché tests home delivery in the garden via a connected safe


Intermarché is currently testing a connected trunk device installed in the garden of its customers. According to a photo posted by a Twitter user on May 12, 2019, the sign Mousquetaires experiment – or invites to test – in Seyssin, Isère, a home delivery system via a connected safe that unlocks via a dedicated application and a Bluetooth device.

This app, available on Google Play and Apple Store, allows the user to choose as a delivery method a device called Kofr. To be eligible, you must have chosen as a point of sale a shop participating in the test and then connect to the application called Kofr via the account fidelity. This requires some information (if the home includes a garden if the client has a pet with access to the garden and trunk) and includes a field to describe access to the garden and the location of the trunk.

The application then makes it possible to validate the delivery schedule, to follow the status of the order, then to unlock the locker via a Bluetooth system. “The KOFR app allows you to track your deliveries and access your trunk to retrieve your shopping, directly from your smartphone”, can be read when downloading the app.

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