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Intermarché starts redesigning its 1,826 stores

“The store today has real limits,” notes the leaders of Intermarché. The group of independent traders suddenly presented Wednesday in Douvaine, Haute-Savoie, its new concept of supermarkets. Fifty points of sale will adopt it in 2020. The transformation of the fleet of 1,826 units will then spread out at a rate of 300 to 500 points of sale per year.

“We have to refresh the customer experience,” says ITM Alimentary President Thierry Cotillard. The brand is based on the evolution of consumer habits with a radicality that it assumes. All subjects of the new consumption are discussed. Besides the traditional dry fruit silos, laundry, dishwashing liquid, oil, vinegar and wines to the printer. The environmental concern is reinforced with the exclusion of plastic disposable cutlery and cutlery and the supply of reusable cotton nets for weighing fruit and vegetables. As at Carrefour, customers can bring their own containers.

A new department called “The Kitchen” appears. It features prepared meals made on site. Intermarché is setting, even in a semi-rural area, at the time of “meal solutions”. The bio is developed with the ambition of 45% of organic brands in 2020. The Musketeers operate the lever of their industrial tool. AgroMousquestaires operates 62 plants in France and generates 4 billion euros in sales. It is the fourth agri-food group in France.


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