After the alliance between Monoprix and Amazon and that of Carrefour and Google, it is Intermarché’s turn to announce a partnership with one of the American giants, which is Microsoft, which will co-develop with the French distributor a “Data Factory”. Based on the cloud Azure, it will exploit the brick ML, Computer Vision or dataviz Redmond.

The objective of this alliance is to help decision-making both the brand’s teams and its customers, “which will also promote operational excellence in points of sale, allowing teams to increase their availability to better support their customers”. In truth, the joint statement of the two companies is particularly deficient as regards the technical points or the implications of this Data Factory in points of sale.

It is understandable that it will use the data from the stores, particularly from the food side, to allow “the teams, in particular, to offer products or assortments tailored to the local specificities and preferences of each and everyone”. “Ultimately, thanks to this partnership with Microsoft and the resources of the data, our objective is to allow each Intermarché customer to better inform himself, to measure and to control the impact of his own consumption” explains Thierry Cotillard, the President of Intermarché.

But Intermarché does not intend to stop at this Data Factory alone. The group is also deploying Office 365 to Les Mousquetaires stores and some 100,000 employees. “Initiated with Intermarché and the STIME, the DSI of the Groupement Les Mousquetaires, this partnership would, in the long term, capitalize on the first achievements to consider possible deployments to other brands of the Group”.

Source: linformaticien

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