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Intermarché presents its supermarket of tomorrow in Douvaine

At the end of July, the 3rd French distributor inaugurated its new supermarket concept, in the test, in Douvaine (Haute-Savoie). Responding to this expectation of more responsible consumption, the prototype focuses on bulk food and non-food as well as local products.

Located at the entrance to the store of 2,200 square meters, the radius called “Alternative” offers a bulk supply for food (groceries, oils, syrups-these four categories are bio- and wine-coming from factories Musketeers) and non-food (body hygiene and housekeeping) with dedicated scales and the possibility of coming with its glass jars or plastic boxes. The distributor also provides consumers with reusable bags and containers (for a fee).

“Commerce is moving, distribution is looking for itself. The consumer is mutating, he has become a player in his consumption,” said Intermarché President Thierry Cotillard, “We have a real challenge on the packaging, we have to find the right balance between marketing and the environment, which is why we have developed solutions at this point of sale to avoid disposable products and packaging in order to move towards zero waste. more responsible consumption This new supermarket concept is based on our three pillars “the best to eat, the better to produce and the better to act”.


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