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Intermarché changes the recipe for 900 badly rated products on Yuka

The French distributor, one of the few to manufacture its own branded products, has announced that it will change 900 recipes so that these products get a better score on the application.
Consumers are paying more and more attention to what they eat. Attests to the success of Yuka, the application that notes the nutritional qualities of food. It is number 1 of the most downloaded apps in the “food” category for months. A trend that is starting to have very real effects on the food industry: Intermarché has just announced that it will change the recipe of 900 products of its brands distributors so that they are better rated on Yuka.

To achieve this, the 5th French distributor asked its suppliers to ban its products a list of 140 additives. Dyes, preservatives and other flavor enhancers that Yuka notes very badly. Either because independent health authorities (ANSES, EFSA, IARC) warn about them, either because of independent studies that do not necessarily achieve scientific consensus. “Our policy is to apply the precautionary principle,” says the spokesperson of the application.


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