Baby bottle brand, Mimijumi, has landed a new deal to stock the product in French supermarket giant, Intermarché.

The bottle is available in its 1,750 stores from this month and will help make feeding time easier for new parents.

The bottle is shaped like a breast, meaning that young babies can easily switch between breastfeeding and the Mimijumi bottle without confusion. The innovative bottle also offers health benefits to the baby by relieving air pressure during feeding and helping to prevent symptoms of colic.

The new stockist will be supported by a £25,000 advertising campaign, featuring two televised adverts to be shown during the break of a popular weekday morning parenting show.

POS will be supplied to stores to highlight the product’s innovative design and its benefits to both babies and their parents who can both share feeding time.
Mark Dorey, commercial director of Mimijumi UK said, “This is big news for the brand which originated in the United States and has since opened up a UK office to handle its European operations.
“We’re delighted that the Mimijumi bottle is being so well received in this part of the world. We hope that this will be the start of more partnerships across Europe so that more parents and their babies can enjoy our product and the benefits that come with it.”

Since its arrival in France, the Mimijumi bottle has been well received by opinion leaders and recently won an award by leading parenting magazine Famili for being the best product for feeding time as voted by experts and mums alike.

The bottles are made to a high quality, are BPA free and contain no phthalates. RRP is £17.99.