Indian PM calls for soft drinks to have minimum 2% natural fruit juice


A proposal by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all soda beverages to have no less than 2% common fruit juice content has astounded numerous drink producers. Addressing industry leaders in New Delhi, Narendra Modi said the move would advantage agriculturists in the long­term. “Why can’t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks? This would provide farmers a market for their produce,” Modi said, including that he had raised the thought with industry leaders.

Having said, the recommendation has not run down well with the organizations that could be influenced. “It’s difficult to include natural product juice in all our current products; it will destroy our trademark recipe,” a senior official at a cola organization responded to the Indian Prime Minister’s thoughts. Be that as it may, we are taking a shot at a couple of extra variations with juice and carbonated mixes, he included.

Different organizations said the recommendation, if executed, would seriously hurt an industry that is as of now worried by a proposition to bring in a corrective “sin” levy on offers of soda pops under the foreseen products and administrations charge.

The government’s chief economic adviser, Arvind Subramanian, a month ago prescribed a 40% total to be added to such refreshments, alongside expensive autos and tobacco items. On the off chance that both the juice expansion and sin tax happens, the soda pops industry will get to be wiped out, Economic Times reported as quoted by an industry source saying.