India Opens For Retail In Fashion

Foreign Direct Investment in India relaxes certain norms and regulations and is now looking for expansion in fashion. This has resulted in the opening of the economy and market for Fashion retailers. As India seems an amazing consumer base and also there is rising income that can be disposed for such products. Hence, India has become a favourable market place for fashion Retailers.

India also has an improved rank on the World Bank that has moved about 30 places up and is now at the hundredth rank. Recently government has made an approval for a hundred per cent Foreign Direct Investment for a single brand’s retail.

Government also relaxed the local sourcing by thirty per cent, expecting a long stand demand from players like H&M. These changes would lead to expansion of opportunities in fashion for India. One of the major reasons that India becomes the most favourable market is about a third of the country comprises of young adults that help in the enhancement of consumer base.

However, a number of jobs would open up for the middle income segment. This would enable more and more people to move to an average income level.